COVID-19 Procedures

The following is Ballincollig Athletics club as decided by the club committee.

Before Training

The club committee will appoint a sporting Ireland Covid Officer to ensure Covid Policies are adhered too.

Athletes must make the club aware that they are attending training via club groupchat and checking in on Athletics Ireland website.

Athletes must read the Athletics Ireland safety statement before training and inform the club that they have read it.

If Athletes want to use equipment they must bring their own.

During Training

Athletes are asked to arrive 5 minutes before training.

Unless living in the same house athletes must not arrive in the same car.

Athletes must bring their own water and may not share.

Athletes must bring there own hand sanitiser.

If equipment is being used Athletes may not share it.

After Training

Athletes should not linger to chat after training.

Unless living in the same house athletes should not leave in the same car.

If an athlete starts to experience symptoms of Covid 19 they must alert the club so contact tracing my take place.

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